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LEGAL PUBLICATION CITY OF SOUTH LAKE TAHOE URGENCY ORDINANCE 2020-1141 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on April 1, 2020, at the Special City Council Meeting, the City of South Lake Tahoe City Council passed Ordinance 2020-1141 by the following vote: Yes: Bass, Collin, Laine, Middlebrook and Wallace First Reading: none Published: April 3, 2020 Effective: April 1, 2020 "An Urgency Ordinance Establishing a Moratorium on Commercial Evictions Due to COVID-19" City Attorney's Summary of Ordinance: "The Ordinance establishes a moratorium on commercial evictions due to the COVID-19 emergency requiring landlords to take no action to evict a commercial tenant for not timely paying rent due on or from April 1, 2020, through the earlier of May 31, 2020 or the termination of the local emergency. The tenant must provide written notice to the landlord before the rent is due, indicate the tenant is unable to timely pay the rent due to financial impacts of COVID-19, and provide documentation to the landlord within one week of inability to pay part or all of the rent. Landlords may seek unpaid rent under this Ordinance after the sooner of the termination of the local emergency or May 31, 2020. Tenants are required to pay unpaid rent within sixty (60) days of landlord's request. Nothing in this Ordinance relieves a commercial tenant of liability for unpaid rent after the termination of this Ordinance." A copy of the proposed ordinance in its entirety is available for review on the City Clerk's webpage or by contacting the City Clerk at Email Me Susan Blankenship Elected City Clerk City of South Lake Tahoe 1901 Lisa Maloff Way, Ste 206 South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 (530) 542-6005 Publication: April 3, 2020 Ad #0000569941