Notice of Public Sale Notice is hereby

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Notice of Public Sale Notice is hereby given that the following individuals are indebted to U -Haul of South Lake Tahoe 1105 Emerald Bay Rd. (530) 541-7471, for past due rent. U-Haul of South Lake Tahoe will sell at a sealed bid on the 27th day of January at 1:00 PM. At U-Haul of South Lake Tahoe, those items which have been stored with the proceeds of said sa le to be used to offset due rent and the cost of sale. #2098 Marlaina Pinherio #2056 Lauie Logan #1897-99 Laura Smith #2014 Tung Duong #1871 Staci Marie White #1850-52 Jennifer Bradshaw #1881 Jennifer McLevis #1207 Brandon Marks #2046 Mark Mazza #2253 Dan French Pub: January 17, 24, 2020 Ad#0000537190