On 12/3/2019, the Douglas County Board

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On 12/3/2019, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners ADOPTED the following ordinance: ORDINANCE: 2019-1556-A TITLE: Ordinance 2019-1556-A, an ordinance amending the development agreement between Douglas County (hereafter "County") and Park Cattle Company (Park Ranch Holdings LLC, successor in interest, hereafter "Park") regarding Muller Parkway (hereafter "Muller"), including, but not limited to: 1) conditioning all obligations and rights under the agreement on approval of a Master Plan Land Use Map Amendment for Park as proposed in the 20-year Master Plan Update, including changing the receiving area land use designation on approximately 1,044 acres of Park property in the Topaz Ranch Estates Community Plan to align with existing zoning and changing the Rural Residential and Agriculture land use designations on approximately 1,120 acres of Park property in the Minden and Gardnerville Community Plans (inclusive of the appx. 76 acres being deeded for Muller); 2)deeding real property for Muller and associated improvements; 3)setting a six year time frame for the construction of two lanes of Muller; 4)establishing the responsibility for construction costs and expenses for Muller between Park and the County; 5)granting a public drainage easement by Park for County construction of Highway 88 culverts; 6)establishing a maximum of 2,500 residential dwelling units to develop upon the approved receiving area located within the Minden and Gardnerville Community Plans; 7) setting forth the processes for reviewing proposed zoning and development within the receiving area; 8)precluding the County from rescinding the receiving area land use designation for 30 years; and 9)confirming this amendment supersedes Ordinances 2004R-1097 and 2007-1223 in their entirety. Subject Property is APNs: 1319-23-000-013; 1319-24-000-007;1319-25-000-020 thru 021; 1319-26-000-004; and 1320-20-000-017 thru -018; 1320-20-008-017;1320-21-000-014 thru-016; 1320- 27-002-035; 1320-28-000-017; 1320-28-000-022 thru -031; 1320-29-000-015; 1320-29-501-002; 1320-29-601-00; 1320-31-000-016; 1320-32-501-020 thru -021; 1320-33-001-009 thru-016; 1320-34-001-028; & 1320-34-002-001.) The ordinance shall be in full force and effect on December 20, 2019 and was adopted by the following vote: AYE: Larry Walsh, Barry Penzel Wesley Rice NAY: John Engels and Dave Nelson /S/ Barry Penzel, Chairman Douglas County Board of Commissioners ATTEST: /s/ Kathy Lewis Clerk-Treasurer A copy of this ordinance is on file in the Clerk's Office for public review. Pub: December 12, 19, 2019 Ad#0000522688