Water Reuse Worker I/II at South Tahoe Public Utility District in SOUTH LAKE TAHOE

South Lake Tahoe, 96150 | 11/16/2020 | Ad id: 7-0000637672-01

Job Summary

An eligibility list may be established from this recruitment.

Under the supervision of the Water Reuse
Operations Manager and/or Water Reuse Lead Person, performs a variety of construction, maintenance, and repair work of District's Alpine County Water Reuse facilities, and related tasks as required, and is responsible for carrying out stated maintenance and repair procedures.
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Essential Functions

Operates recycled water facilities in accordance with the District's Waste Discharge Permit Requirements.
Maintains, repairs, and/or replaces the District's irrigation system components associated with both the fresh water and recycled water conveyance systems, including existing canals, ditches, pipelines, head gates, diversion structures, pumps, service valves, pressure regulating valves, valve boxes, landscape irrigation sprinklers, center pivot irrigation systems and all related components, including fire hydrants.
Constructs new irrigation ditches and water conveyance systems, including the installation of pipelines up to 48" in diameter.
Constructs, improves, and maintains roadway system associated with District facilities in Alpine County, including snow removal.
Performs all maintenance associated with the District's Diamond Valley Ranch, including the construction of fencing of various types, vegetation management, field maintenance (harrowing), and stated irrigation requirements.
Prepares designated areas for planting and maintains landscaping.
Performs general facilities maintenance, including plumbing, painting and carpentry tasks.
Performs irrigation of ranch lands and landscaping.
Performs general janitorial duties associated with the District facilities in Alpine County.
Maintains and upgrades all water metering devices and measuring structures including installation and monitoring of transducers and computerized water metering systems.
Maintains, removes, and/or replaces asphalt, pavement and concrete structures.
Operates and
services equipment associated with metal working.
Operates trucks, backhoes, loaders, excavators, tractors, water trucks, hydro, vacuum trucks, street sweepers, mowers, graders, cranes, trucks with pup or backhoe trailers, trenchers, sprayers, and related equipment. Also operates larger class excavators and dozers when necessary.
Lubricates and performs minor maintenance of all tools and equipment.
Operates air compressors and associated tools, such as jackhammers and impact wrenches.Operates compactors, pavement saws, cut-off saws, torches, welders, and paint sprayers.
Operates various pesticide/herbicide spraying equipment in accordance with established regulatory requirements.
Handles, loads, unloads, and stores pesticides/herbicides and related chemicals, bulk materials, oils, lubricants, and other related materials.
Maintains and operates Harvey Place Reservoir and Indian Creek Reservoir as
required by State of California Division of Dam Safety to ensure permit compliance.
Operates and maintains a pesticide and hazardous waste storage facility in compliance with State and El Dorado county regulations, including recordkeeping and disposal per permit requirements.
Operates and maintains center pivot irrigation system, associated controls and appurtenances.
Operates and maintains hydroelectric generation system, associated controls and appurtenances.
Responds to calls for District assistance, when available, and accepts standby duty as needed.
Adheres to and enforces stated safety policies and procedures.

Education & Experience Requirements


High school graduate, or equivalent, with ability to read, write and follow safety procedures and job-related instructions, is required.


Water Reuse Worker I:One (1) year of experience in water distribution or collection system maintenance, underground utility construction, farm or ranch work, and/or general maintenance work, or experience in the building trades (i.e., carpentry, plumbing, etc).
Water Reuse Worker II: Three (3) years of experience as a Water Reuse Worker I or three (3) years' experience in water distribution or collection system maintenance, underground utility construction, farm or ranch work, and/or general maintenance work, or experience in the building trades (i.e., carpentry, plumbing, etc.).
See Proficiency section for applicable certification requirements.

Proficiency Requirements


Requires Qualified Applicator Certificate (QAC) from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, with Plant Agriculture and Right-of-Way certificate designations, within two (2) years of hire date, and applicator inspection compliance annually.
Requires confined space and competent person certification.
Water Reuse Worker I requires a valid Class A license, acceptable by the State of California, with Air Brakes, Tanker, and Towed Vehicle over 10,000 pounds Endorsement, and with a driving record which enables insurability, or ability to obtain same within 12-months of hire date.Water Reuse Worker II requires this license.
Must know and comply with all District Lock-Out/Tag-Out
Requires proficient computer skills to ensure proper logging of data in District's CMMS, completing work orders, keep simple records, and prepare reports.
Requires basic knowledge of water rights and water application per federal decree, and ability to apply knowledge in accordance with state and/or federal regulations.
Requires ability to remain familiar with the Confined Space Program and the duties of Confined Space Supervisor, Entrant, and Attendant, as provided during annual training.
Requires knowledge of the methods, tools, materials and equipment used in the maintenance and repair of District facilities.
Requires general knowledge of all District facilities in Alpine County.
Requires the ability to read and follow written and/or verbal instructions, safety procedures and job related instructions, including blueprints, manuals, maps and manufacturer's specifications and literature.
Knowledge of basic carpentry, masonry,
and electrical skills is desired.
Requires mechanical ability related to all job functions.
Requires the ability to maintain cooperative relationships with co-workers and supervisors.
Water Reuse Worker II requires the ability to direct an assigned crew.
Must have current, valid CPR and First Aid certificates, or ability to obtain same within two (2) years of hire date.


Works under the direct supervision of the Water Reuse Operations Manager and/or Water Reuse Lead Person.
Requires ability to work independently
after receiving instructions.
Requires ability to exercise individual judgment and take prompt and decisive action when emergency situations arise.